Viva Voce

iPad App

Viva Voce – Interactive sound and video installation by Katharina Rosenberger (Composition, Artistic Direction) and Heiko Kalmbach (Video / Co-artistic director). The installation and app are finally finished. The inauguration took place in Los Angeles on January 22. 2013.

For this experimental and interactive art installation about three performance singers, I created, designed and programmed generative three-dimensional sonic sculptures reflecting the performer’s characters. The sculptures serve as interface and are accessible on tablets, letting the auditorium play, re-arrange and explore performance and documentary sequences of the vocalists lifes.

More Information on the Viva Voce Website.

With: Michael Schmitz (iPad Design, App Programming) • Jason Ponce (System design/Multimedia programming) • Vance Galloway (Set Design, Technical Direction) • Joe Kucera (Audio Engineering) • Nick Drashner (Audio Mastering)